Rossi di Albizzate

Design devoted since 1923


Pio & Tito Toso

First and foremost, Blow embodies a unique sensory experience, defi ning a family of seats and backs characterized by large radii and soft shapes that refl ect naturalness. As the name of the collection suggests, the volumes seem to be blown, infl ated, resulting in exceptionally
comfortable seating.

Blow is a collection characterized by organic and fluid forms, featuring sinuous surfaces that repeat, creating modular arrangements of comfort and ethereal beauty. With its four modules, Blow offers the flexibility to be combined and configured according to the available space.

Heritage, Know-how, Design

Building upon our Heritage

We continue to innovate, strengthened by our design and historical heritage.
A Heritage that motivates and keeps alive our commitment to ensure the manufacturing and craftsmanship excellence that has distinguished us over these 100 years of design.

A Know-how to rely on

We possess unique and valuable manufacturing know-how. A wealth of knowledge and expertise that represents our distinctive heritage. For decades, we have relied on this heritage to offer solutions and propose innovations, delivering unique and quality solutions to our customers.

Design devoted

The synergy between creativity and entrepreneurial vision, the desire to offer products and innovation, has always driven us to seek out designers and planners capable of interpreting their time. Designers are part of our success, decades-long partnerships that have delivered us some of the most iconic pieces of Italian design.