Rossi di Albizzate

Design devoted since 1923

“Knowledge serves as the cornerstone enabling us to discern the enduring quality of a project over time.”



We evolve, we innovate, we ensure quality, always respecting our Heritage, in a word: continuity.

In more than a century, we have gone through a journey of continuous innovation and growth, which has consolidated our industrial knowledge in furniture design. We began at a time when design was synonymous with ‘planning’ and technological solutions still a mirage, maturing a distinctive aesthetic that has always characterized our products.

We believe in our Know-How

Our constant commitment to research and development has led us to the registration of many industrial patents, evidence of our leading role in the industry. Over the years we have been able to create innovative solutions that responded to the housing needs of a fast-changing society. A benchmark in the contemporary design scene, always keeping alive our passion for innovation and craftsmanship perfection.


Product excellence is the cornerstone on which our reputation has grown.

Decades of refined craftsmanship, meticulous workmanship and exclusive finishes, an attitude that drives us to constantly strive for the highest quality, which gives our furniture stylistic elegance, sturdiness and durability.


We carefully choose materials and finishes, favoring market innovations and certified products.

We constantly seek what guarantees the highest quality and elegance. From initial selection to attention to detail, every step is a masterpiece, so that our furniture transforms spaces into unique expressions of style.


Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in our production process, which includes the use of FSC-ISO-certified woods, nickel-free leather and fabrics from natural or recycled materials.

The use of bio-based polyurethane foams further underscores our conscious approach. Each piece not only embodies excellence and elegance, but also bears the mark of environmental responsibility, contributing to the creation of beautiful and sustainable environments.